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Afrikan Djeli Cultural Institute
P.O. Box 50130 * Atlanta, GA  30302 * 404.753.8933
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What/who are we?

Based in the heart of the West End of Atlanta, Afrikan Djeli (pronounced "jay lee") Cultural
Institute is an organizer of a variety of Afrikan Dance and Drum classes/workshops for adults
and children.  We also coordinate Afrikan Drum and Dance for events, weddings & parties,
provide consultation for Afrikan themed weddings, provide Afrikan Language Services and
provide Travel Planning to Afrika.

We currently offer a weekly dance class


Rhythma Studio
555 Whitehall ST
Atlanta, GA  30303


Weekly Drum Class

Noon to 1pm
Afrikan Djeli Import Warehouse
933 Lee St - Lower Level
Atlanta, GA


for questions, call/text 404.753.8933